Ipswich Vision: Turning Our Town Around


TurningOurTownAround.com is a website providing commentary on the Ipswich Vision Group and the published document "Turning Our Town Around". This document isn't new - has been released with two public provisions - the latest in July 2015.

Ipswich Ltd is deeply concerned about the undemocratic Ipswich Vision Group. It is largely portrayed that all the authorities of Ipswich have finally got round the table to cooperate on making a better Ipswich.

Or is it the same people with the same agenda but with added political spin to get taxpayers and voters off their back?

Only 3 of the 7 members of Ipswich Vision can be directly or indirectly voted for (Ipswich Borough Council, Suffolk County Council and the Member of Parliament (currently Ben Gummer)).

The people of Ipswich have not been consulted, have no input and are not represented.

A brief summary of concerns:-

  1. Upper Orwell Crossing - No plans for road network. Residents are concerned of noise, air pollution and congestion.
  2. Ipswich Waterfront - Upper Orwell Crossing (Wet Dock Crossing) may restrict some yachts and boats from marinas
  3. Axis Switch - Has the people of Ipswich been asked about the future of their town?
  4. East Anglia's Waterfront Town - The vast majority of people in Ipswich have no interest in water activities and lifestyle. Very few own a yacht.

Other than this page all text is content of the Turning Around Our Town document.

The commentary is in blockquotes (shown with a blue stripe along the side)

This information resource provided by Ipswich Ltd.
View the official Ipswich Vision website and download the Turning Our Town Around document here